About Us

We have always been fans of naps. Having worked night-shifts previously, we knew just how important it was to switch off and get our eight hours (or at least try to) in dark rooms.

Having also done a lot of travelling, eye masks became the number one sleep essential. But we knew they could be better. Once while travelling in Kuala Lumpur, we came across some cute googly-eyed eye masks - FILLED WITH GEL! This was better. Much better.

The cooling sensation from the gel meant an even better night's sleep. Not only that, headaches and sinus pain was manageable, puffy eyes were a thing of the past - these became a need.

For the following few years, we slept EVERY night with these masks, making our own and using the gel inserts, buying every single mask on the market in search of the ultimate combination. Finally, we came across silk. So much cooler, so much softer, and so much more hygienic for our skin. We needed the best.

Finally, we reached out to some manufacturers all around the world, asking them to send us samples. We had 3 requirements: quality, 100% mulberry silk, and gel. Every week for months, any excess from the weekly budget went into testing and creating the ultimate eye mask ideas. Requirements grew to include communication, production time, staff satisfaction and fair working conditions, and finally, the flexibility to design our very own ultimate sleep mask. 

We did it.

But we won't stop. We have many more sleep hack ideas already in the design process, and we can't wait to slumber party with you. It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do. 

But wait - WE NEED YOUR HELP! Have you tried our masks? What could we do better? We want to continue to improve the ultimate sleep experience, and we WILL adapt as you provide us with your thoughts. Please, shoot through any improvements you think we could make, along with any product requests, questions, or just drop a line to say hello! We can't wait to get to know you.