What is Momme?

Momme (pronounced "Moe-Mie") is a measurement of silk weight and density. Higher momme numbers indicate that there is more stands of silk per 100 yards of fabric, meaning the silk will be heavier. For example, if 100 yards weighs 22 pounds, the momme is 22mm - the same as our eye masks! The higher the number, generally the better quality, however certain products can benefit from lower momme to make them lighter and more breathable. We found 16mm to be the best fit for our scrunchies, opposed to a higher momme like found in our eye masks, which helps lock in moisture to the skin. 

Why Silk?

We aren't here to make ridiculous claims. Instead, we work with facts. What we do know about silk is that it has an amazing ability to regulate temperature - which was perfect for our cooling masks. We also know it is hypoallergenic - meaning less germs, and better hygiene. Containing it's own amino acids and proteins, silk really is something to treat your skin to. Next, hair simply loves the smooth nature of silk. It isn't rough like cotton or other fabrics, meaning hair is less likely to tangle or frizz with friction. We are hoping to bring more silk hair accessories to you very soon!

Why Gel? 

We have trialled a few different elements in our hunt for the ultimate sleep, and gel is by far the most versatile we have been able to find. Gel can be heated or cooled (each with their own benefits) and it moulds wonderfully in our eye masks. Over time gel will thin, we have not yet found a type which doesn't. We believe this is due to the ingredients used to make gel, one of which absorbs moisture to create - well - gel. We will continue to search for the longest lasting products and solutions. We have found for the best longevity of your gel, to keep it refrigerated. 

How do I wash my sleep mask?

Head over to our Silk TLC page for detailed instructions. 

Can I iron my sleep mask?

You can - but please be careful! In order to keep the natural shine to silk, we need to be careful not to damage any of the fibres. Iron on a cool setting, ideally under a press cloth. 

Do you offer international shipping?

Unfortunately - not yet - but we will! Watch this space. 

How do I become a stockist?

Please send through an email via our contact form below, we would love to partner with other local brands. 

Can I return my item?

If something isn't right - let us know and we will take you through our supportive returns process. Head over to our returns page here.

How much does shipping cost?

We have a list of our current shipping options here

Have more questions?

Contact us below, or email info@eighthours.com.au